LED Lights Use LESS Energy! Here’s How Much

08 Nov 2017

Posted in General by Net Zero USA

By now you’ve probably heard about advancements in lighting technologies designed to make lights more energy efficient, and thus use less energy.

Commercial LED lighting products are by far the most energy efficient options on the market, but just how much less energy do LEDs use?

Scroll down to view common comparisons for an understanding of reducing the overall energy consumption at your business by upgrading your lighting to LED.

Office Fluorescent Lighting Comparison

Unless your office was built brand new this year, chances are you’re using T12 or T8 fluorescent lighting technologies.

Look up at the ceiling to see how many lamps are in your light fixtures…

Only 3 lamps? Chances are it’s a T8 fixture using 32-watt lamps, burning at least 96-watts per hour.

4 lamps? It’s most likely a T12 fixture, using either 40-watt or 34-watt lamps. With 40-watt lamps you’re looking at 160-watts burned every hour, and with 34-watt lamps it’s slightly lower at 136 total watts per hour.

With LED lighting, those same fixtures could use 81% less energy*, burning just 20 to 60-watts per hour.

Net Zero USA’s LED Lighting Retrofit Kits come in a variety of applications, all designed to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while producing better light.

*81% Less Energy Example: Upgrading a 4-bulb T12 fluorescent fixture with 40-watt lamps (160W total per hour) with the NZLED 30W Kit (30W total per hour).

Warehouse Lighting Comparison

In a warehouse scenario, the most common light fixtures are metal halides which can burn A LOT of energy!


Metal halide lighting ranges from 400-watts to as much as 1,000-watts burned every hour. Multiply that by a typical 8-hour work day and by 50 weeks per year, and it’s easy to see how these big gymnasium-style lights can consume a huge amount of energy over time!

With an LED lighting upgrade, those some fixtures could use as much as 80% less energy**!


Net Zero USA’s HID LEDs for Metal Halides use as little as 35-watts, with higher options available for greater illumination.

**80% Less Energy Example: Upgrading a 400-watt metal halide with the NZ HID LED 80W Kit (80W total per hour).

Learn More About LED Lighting Upgrades

Net Zero USA’s national network of commercial LED lighting installers leverages its size to be able to offer the best LED lighting products at unbeatable prices! View Lighting Case Studies to see how we’re helping businesses across America SAVE MONEY with LED lighting upgrades, or Request A Consultation to learn about improving lighting and your bottom line TODAY!