Looking for the top LED lighting installers? Try these websites first!

15 Nov 2017

Posted in General by Net Zero USA

Disclaimer: Net Zero USA is an Atlanta-based LED lighting manufacturer with sales and distribution offices throughout the United States. While we’re confident that through our network of LED lighting installers we can give you the best deal, we’re also providing a number of great resources below so that you can compare quotes from multiple companies.

You wouldn’t hire any average Joe Schmo as a new employee at your business, right? By that same notion, it’s important to speak with a highly-trained, highly-skilled, licensed professional when researching commercial lighting products to be installed at your facility. We’ve compiled a guide below for finding the BEST LED lighting installers in America!

Utility Partners

One of the easiest ways to find a knowledgeable, high-quality LED lighting installer is through your local utility or power provider. Every lighting system that gets upgraded must be inspected and signed off by a representative of the local power company. And since the energy industry is pretty tight-knit, people interact with one another frequently throughout the year.

Calling your utility and asking about local installers is the quickest way to obtain a list of lighting professionals. You may be surprised to learn that CASH rebates and other financial incentives are being offered by your utility to give you an added reason to upgrade your lights.

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Better Business Bureau

Another resource to utilize is the Better Business Bureau. BBB exists to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust, a create a community of trustworthy businesses and unbiased guides for consumers. The Better Business Bureau rates companies using a letter-scale of A to F (just like grade school) as an indication of trustworthiness.

Visit the BBB website to find local lighting contractors, and note that Net Zero USA has a 5-star, A+ rating!

Contact Local LED Lighting Installers

Net Zero USA’s national network of commercial LED lighting installers leverages its size to be able to offer the best LED lighting products at unbeatable prices! View Lighting Case Studies to see how we’re helping businesses across America SAVE MONEY with LED lighting upgrades, or Request A Consultation to learn about improving lighting and your bottom line TODAY!