Color Temperature Is A Measurement Of 'Light Color'

06 Dec 2017

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Correlated color temperature or CCT is a characteristic of the amount of visible light glow that a source gives off. It is a gauge or scale of the yellow to blue color of light emitted from a lamp or bulb.

Color temperature is expressed in measurements of Kelvin (K), with higher numbers indicating appearance closer to blue.

Warm Colors

Color temperatures in the 2700K to 3500K range are generally called “warm” or “soft” colors, appearing yellow to red and highlighting golden and red tones.

Warm White Color Temperature Example


High pressure sodium lamps and metal halides commonly used to light commercial warehouses are typically warmer in color, as can be seen from the photo below.

Warmer colors have also traditionally been used in exterior lighting:

Cool Colors

Color temperatures 3600K and above are called “cool” or “bright” colors, appearing more vibrant than their warmer counterparts.

Cool White Color Temperature Example


HID LED Light Fixtures and LED Retrofits are popular replacement options to the above exterior & commercial warehouse lighting scenarios thanks to their cooler, brighter temperatures.
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Daylight Colors

“Daylight” colors, between 5500K and 7500K, give off an even brighter and slightly blue color.

Daylight Color Temperature Example


Takeaway: Commercial lighting products are available in a wide range of color temperatures including warm, cool, and daylight, capable of providing the right ambiance for any project. Be sure to consider the color temperature of a given room, office, or other space when considering a lighting upgrade.

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