LED lighting upgrade to slash energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and address safety

08 Jan 2018

Posted in General by Net Zero USA

The city of Chicago is making a move to slash energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and address safety.

Officials recently announced plans to replace 85 percent of their street lights with energy-saving LED alternatives over the next four years. An estimated 270,000 high pressure sodium lights will be upgraded to modern LED lighting technology.

Before: High Pressure Sodium Lights

After: LED Lights

Due to the energy efficiency of LED lights, the City will be reducing electricity consumption by at least 50 percent, which will have a beneficial environmental impact.

In addition to energy savings, the LED upgrade initiative will also include a smart grid that indicates when a light is not working, so that residents no longer have to report faults.

This project is a win-win – it will deliver one of the largest lighting modernization programs in the country. Under this proposed project we will be delivering modern, reliable and high-quality lighting that will improve quality of life in every Chicago neighborhood.” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

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