Now Offering LED Lighting Retrofits In Tarpon Springs, FL

08 Feb 2018

Posted in General by Net Zero USA

Net Zero USA, a national provider of comprehensive energy management and energy efficient commercial lighting solutions, is proud to announce their newest location in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The addition marks the 11th NZUSA licensee in Florida, offering coverage throughout the sunshine state’s major markets.

Net Zero USA of Tarpon Springs, FL will offer energy efficient commercial lighting retrofits in central Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting Without A New Light Fixture

With Net Zero USA’s DLC qualified 30-watt, 40-watt, and 60-watt LED lighting retrofit kits, a business can improve its lighting levels and substantially lower it’s lighting costs – up to 81%! The LED Retrofit is quickly installed into any existing T12 or T8 fluorescent light fixture, saving on the cost of purchasing a new light fixture.

Net Zero USA also offers LED lighting for metal halides, available as retrofits or new fixtures.

10 Year Warranty On LED Lighting Retrofits In Tarpon Springs

A vast majority of LED lighting products currently on the market will not withstand the test of time. By contrast, the lighting experts at Net Zero USA understand the science and correct application of LED. Because of this Net Zero USA of Tarpon Springs is able to offer a 10 year warranty on their LED strips – 5 years longer than most other LED lighting manufacturers.

Save Money With LED Lighting In Tarpon Springs!

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