Technical, Practical & Customer-Centric

Net Zero USA is a company built around people with proven backgrounds in national home improvement, manufacturing, large scale operation implementation and personalized customer service support. Our network is built on satisfied customers spreading the word about the benefits of energy efficient lighting and our great value.

Our company has been drawn together by individuals driven to form an entity that has the technical, practical and customer-centric expertise to take our vision successfully to the public.

We create the most advanced energy efficient products based on the latest technology – and we help you choose the best product, with the best value, for your needs. Every project is custom-tailored to your business; There are no one-size-fits-all limitations.

We see energy efficient lighting as a tremendous opportunity to change the path that our society is currently on for future generations. We believe that reducing consumption through efficient products and alternative energy solutions can change the course of this country – we hope you’ll join us in this endeavor.

  • Our purpose is to provide our customers with solutions to reduce operating cost.
  • Customers range from large and small commercial or industrial businesses to municipalities as well as any organization that has expenses operating in a building.
  • By partnering with Samsung for components and engineering support, delivering an overbuilt product with a long life expectancy, Net Zero USA stands alone with a national network built around owners and operators in their local market.
  • We eliminate the traditional product path to market making our solutions less expensive. The licensee network gets their solutions directly from the manufacturer Net Zero USA . The customer then receives the final installed products by not having to financially fund agents, distributors and unnecessary steps to get what they need.
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