Church of God Executive Office Will Save $40k Thanks To LED Lighting Upgrade

sc-church-of-god-logoThe South Carolina Church of God Executive Office in Simpsonville, SC needed an energy efficient solution for the outdated fluorescent lighting throughout their state headquarters. Lucky for them, the lighting experts at Net Zero USA were right down the road and able to provide a turnkey LED lighting retrofit which resulted in a 69% reduction in lighting costs and better light levels.

Prior to the LED lighting upgrade, light fixtures throughout the corporate office were using 32 watt lamps, 4 per fixture, for a total of 128 watts burned each hour. Net Zero USA’s solution brought these same fixtures down to a total of just 40 watts in offices and 30 watts in hallways.

And because LED lighting technology displays a larger portion of the color spectrum, members of the SC Church of God are seeing brighter, more vibrant colors they never knew existed within their facility.

The South Carolina Church of God HQ is now on track to realize nearly $40,000 dollars in cumulative savings as a direct result of Net Zero USA’s innovative LED lighting upgrade!

Pictures From The LED Lighting Retrofit