Sheriff's Office Improves Light Quality While Reducing Energy Cost With LED Retrofit

appling-county-sherriffs-logoThe Appling County Sheriff’s Office & County Jail, like other municipal buildings, collects its yearly operating budget from local tax revenues. When times are good, the budget is adequate. In tougher times, non-essential services may be cut, and employees may be furloughed.

Driven by both a professional and personal commitment to provide Appling County with the highest level of services, and responding to ever-changing needs, the Appling County Sheriff’s Office & County Jail hired the lighting experts at Net Zero USA to provide an energy efficient LED lighting solution for fluorescent light fixtures that were constantly in need of replacement, which was adding unnecessary expenses to taxpayers.

Thanks to Net Zero USA’s innovative LED lighting retrofits, which use considerably lower levels of electricity and can be installed into existing light fixtures, the Appling County Jail will now realize over $21,000 dollars in annual energy savings.

Net Zero USA replaced outdated T8 fluorescent light fixtures that were burning 96-watts per hour with a modern LED application which uses just 30-watts per hour. Plus, Net Zero USA was able to improve lighting conditions and improve maintenance & heat load.

Over the next ten years, taxpayers of Appling County will benefit from the more than $308,000 dollars in cumulative savings that will be delivered from this LED lighting upgrade!

Left Side: LED Lighting, Right Side: T8 Fluorescent Lighting


LED Lighting Installation On 24 Foot Ceiling