Data Services Company Sees 78% Reduction In Lighting Costs Thanks To LED Retrofit

bds-logoBankers Data Services (BDS) was established in 1993 with the purpose of servicing the data processing needs of local banks in the South Georgia area. A customer of theirs who had recently completed lighting retrofits through Net Zero USA at two different banks recommended that BDS look into a lighting project at the data facility.

A quick facility audit from the lighting experts at Net Zero USA of South GA helped BDS realize just how powerful a simple LED lighting retrofit could be. As a result, Net Zero USA is helping Banker’s Data Services improve their overall appearance, reduce energy usage from lighting, and save thousands of dollars all at once.

Prior to the lighting upgrade, BDS was using T8 fluorescent lighting at an approximate cost of $3,800 dollars per year. Net Zero USA’s solution knocks this amount down to just over $800 dollars per year, retrofitting the 128-watt T8 light fixtures with LEDs that require just 30-watts per fixture.

This project came in with a 25 month payback, and with Net Zero USA’s industry leading warranty, these energy savings will quickly add up over time. Bankers Data Services is expected to realize over $44,000 dollars in cumulative savings over the next 10 years!

Inside View Of LED Lighting Retrofit


Outside View Of LED Lighting Retrofit