30W LED Retrofit Kits Shine Bright At Legal Office

Founded in 1992, the Law Office of Socheat Chea specializes in immigration law with a focus on meeting the needs of researchers and scholars.

A few years ago Socheat Chea brought in the local lighting experts at Net Zero USA to conduct an overhaul of the outdated T12 fluorescent lighting at his facility in Duluth. At the time, T5 lighting was the most energy efficient option on the market, and that is what was installed within the offices.

As time went by, LED lighting became more popular, eventually coming down in cost to where it is today. Accordingly, Net Zero USA reached back out to the Law Offices of Socheat Chea to discuss an LED lighting upgrade to target further energy efficiency gains.

Net Zero USA’s recent lighting improvement involved the application of 30-watt LED Retrofit Kits inside the facility, a 51% reduction in energy consumed by lighting.

As a result, the employees who work at this legal office are now benefiting from a better, brighter work space, and business owner Socheat Chea is saving money each month through energy efficiency.

Over the next 10 years, more than $11,000 dollars in cumulative savings will be delivered as a direct result of this project.

Pictures of the T5 to LED Lighting Upgrade