Over 65% Energy SAVINGS Thanks To New LED Lighting!

Located just off the shores of Lake Wylie on the border of North and South Carolina, Lake Wylie Bowl N’ Bounce is a locally-owned and operated family entertainment center featuring bowling, laser tag, bounce houses, video games, sports viewing, and live entertainment with food and bar service.

With a mission to be the preeminent entertainment destination in the Lake Wylie area, the attraction has something for all ages such as open & league bowling, birthday parties, private parties, church events, corporate gatherings and more. Owner Darrin Skinner reached out to the local Net Zero USA office for a solution to help him enhance the quality of lighting around his facility while simultaneously improving his bottom line.

Preliminary foot candle readings in the bowling section where at 52, surprisingly over-lit by the T8 fluorescent light fixtures and lamps in that area. Mr. Skinner was interested in lowering these light levels and reducing glare, bringing illumination down closer to an average of 30-40 foot candles (fc) as recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).

Additionally, a 22-foot ceiling height in the Bounce Room was causing this area to be too dark in and around the children’s bounce houses and creating the potential for safety issues. Mr. Skinner was interested in raising these light levels to better expose this area where kids run, jump, and play.

NZLED 9844 IO Retrofit Kits were used above the bowling lanes. By installing a 20 watt driver and single strip to each fixture, foot candles were brought down to 42 fc. With the quality of light improving it actually makes the alley appear brighter than before even though the effective foot candles were reduced.

And by using NZ 30-Watt LED Retrofit Kits in the Bounce Room, we also improved foot candles and light quality while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

Most light fixtures on this project were retrofitted from T8 2-lamp at 64 watts total down to just 20 watts total, over 68% energy savings.

Over $77,000 dollars in cumulative energy, equipment and maintenance savings will be realized over the next 10 years thanks to this LED upgrade, with the project providing a 225% ROI and payback just over 18 months.

With their expert recommendations, Net Zero USA helped me accomplish my goals of improving lighting and saving money at my family entertainment center. Everything was delivered as promised, and in a professional, courteous manner.”Darin Skinner, Owner

Pictures From The Energy Efficient LED Lighting Upgrade


Projected Energy Savings


10 Year Savings


Annual CO2 Savings

31 tons

Reduction per Fixture