Pharmacy Improves Light Quality While Reducing Energy Cost With LED Retrofit

What if a low-interest financing option was available for your facility to install energy efficient equipment, and the cost of those new products was paid for by the energy savings from their installation? And what if the local power company also paid for a portion of the cost of the project?

Thanks to the Net Zero USA of South GA team, Tifton Drug Company is realizing the benefits of energy efficient lighting technology with a turn-key LED lighting project that is cash-flow-positive from Day 1!

The locally owned pharmacy was looking to improve light quality while reducing energy cost and maintenance expense of replacing T12/T8 ballasts and bulbs.

The LED lighting experts at Net Zero USA retrofitted 8-foot T12 fluorescent light fixtures burning 150 watts/hour with a LED solution that burns just 60 watts/hour. 4-foot T8 fluorescent light fixtures were also retrofitted for energy efficiency, going from 132 watts/hour down to just 40 watts/hour.

As a result, Tifton Drug Co. now uses 64% less energy lighting their pharmacy, with over $15,000 dollars cumulative savings expected over the next 10 years. Best of all, Net Zero USA helped the store owner collect a lighting rebate in excess of $1,000 dollars from local utility provider GA Power.

T8 Fluorescent Lighting (Before)


LED Lighting Retrofit (After)