Police Station Upgrades Exterior Lighting To LED With Net Zero USA

scpd-badge-smallTaxpayers of the City of St. Cloud, Florida are saving money through energy efficiency thanks to an LED lighting project completed by Net Zero USA at the local police station.

Outdated lighting on the exterior of the building was previously burning energy-thirsty metal halide bulbs. The commercial LED lighting experts at Net Zero USA upgraded these with an LED retrofit for metal halide, a solution that uses existing light poles and transmission wires. As a result, wattage has been reduced from 250W per pole to just 120W.

Prior to the upgrade the police station was burning over 19,000 kWh worth of electricity on exterior lighting each year. Net Zero USA was able to reduce this number to just over 8,000 kWh per year, a savings of over 56%. Plus, light quality has been upgrade to provide better levels of light (as seen from the before and after photos).

250W Metal Halide Lighting (Before)


120W LED Lighting Retrofit (After)


Thanks to Net Zero USA’s recommendations and expertise, this St. Cloud police station, and local taxpayers, are now on track to realize more than $18,000 in cumulative savings during the next 10 years.