RuBo's Grocery Store Sees The Light After LED Improvements

logoRuBo’s is a small, privately owned chain of grocery stores in South Georgia. Looking to save on energy costs and show their produce in a better light, RuBo’s contracted with Net Zero USA of South GA to handle a turnkey lighting retrofit at their grocery store, replacing outdated T12 fluorescent lights with modern, energy efficient LED options.

Prior to the upgrade the T12 light fixtures being used at RuBo’s were burning approximately 150-watts each hour. The LED solution installed by Net Zero USA brings those same light fixtures down to just 40-watts each hour. And since the LED solutions were retrofitted into the existing fixtures, Net Zero USA is providing RuBo’s with added savings since buying a new fixture was not required.

The corporate team from RuBo’s elected to take advantage of Net Zero USA’s low-interest financing on their lighting upgrades. As a result, the grocery store is saving money from Day 1, and saving money every month because the monthly finance cost is lower than the energy savings delivered from the new LED lighting products.

Over the next 10 years, more than $144,000 dollars in cumulative savings will be delivered as a direct result of this LED lighting improvement.

T8 Fluorescent Lighting (Before)


LED Lighting Retrofit (After)


Exterior Sign Lighting (Before)


Exterior Sign Lighting (After)