Max Muscle Vitamin & Supplement Store Will Save Over $2,000 Dollars On Energy Costs!

Net Zero USA helped the Max Muscle vitamin & supplement store in Parker, Colorado upgrade their outdated, inefficient T8 fluorescent lighting with new LED fixtures. Providing approximately 41% energy savings, projects like these are especially important in retail environments such as the Max Muscle store, where better, brighter lighting displays products more prominently.

Prior to the lighting upgrade, fluorescent light fixtures in Max Muscle were burning 2 x 32-watt lamps at a total of 68-watts per fixture. As is the case with fluorescent lighting, a yellowish hue was cast, and lamps were subject to constant flickering and ballast burn-outs.

The lighting experts at Net Zero USA used an LED flat panel solution to remove and replace the outdated T8 fluorescent light fixtures. Wattage was reduced down to just 40-watts per fixture, while light quality was also upgraded to a better, fuller-spectrum closer to natural daylight (white).

41% energy savings was delivered, which will save thousands of dollars each year thanks to less electricity purchased from the local utility. Even more important, employees and customers of the Max Muscle store now benefit from a brighter store, with products now more easily identified and labels more easily read.

Our products look better than ever thanks to this LED lighting upgrade from NetZero USA. Colors are vibrant, eye-popping even, and labels are easier to read.”Chris McKinney, Owner

Pictures From The Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade




Projected Energy Savings


10 Year Savings


Annual CO2 Savings

13 tons

Reduction per Fixture