Longer Life & Lower Maintenance

Net Zero USA’s LED Retrofit Kit reduces energy consumption up to 81% and maintenance costs up to 95% compared to traditional fluorescent tubes – while producing better light.

LED Retrofit Kits At A Glance

  • Reduces Energy Consumption Up To 81%
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost Up To 95%
  • Full Spectrum Lighting
  • DLC Listed and Eligible for Utility Incentives
  • 10 Year Warranty LED Strips, 5 Year Warranty LED Driver
  • Extremely Energy Efficient – As Low As 20 Watts per Fixture
  • Less Heat – No UV or IR Light Radiation
  • Mercury and Lead Free

How It Works

LEDs emit more light (lumens) per watt than standard incandescent light bulbs while maintaining a longer rated life.

In contrast to traditional commercial lighting, energy efficient commercial LED kits radiate very little heat and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury or lead.

Retrofit a traditional T12 fluorescent light fixture using 4 40W bulbs (total of 160W) with 1 30W LED Retrofit Kit. Choose 40W or 60W LED Retrofit Kit options for brighter applications.

Product Features

  • Full Spectrum Lighting
  • Tube-Free LED Retrofit Kits
  • As Low As 20 Watts per Fixture
  • Up To 30 Year Life Expectancy
  • Simple and Quick Install
  • Dimmable Applications Optional
  • DLC Qualified

Product Options

  • 3 Strip, 4 Strip, 6 Strip, and 8 Strip Kit Options
  • As Low As 20 Watts per Fixture
  • Center basket diffuser replacement door
  • Parabolic Overlay
  • Frosted Lens
  • Dali kits available
  • Inboard outboard kits
  • Dimming
  • Inline battery back up
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Light harvesting

Product Video Gallery

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Product Photo Gallery

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