Never Purchase More Energy Than You Need Again

Having the correct energy management systems in place is especially important for a business hoping to reduce fixed costs and improve bottom lines. One way to do such is to target Harmonics – an undetected energy waste and destroyer of expensive equipment.

Net Zero USA guarantees to improve the Harmonics at your facility, increase power factor, and ultimately reduce utility demand charges.

Harmonic Filtration At A Glance

  • Reduces The Distortion Caused By Non-Linear Loads
  • Save Thousands Of Kilowatt Hours Per Month
  • Increase The Lifespan Of Expensive To Replace Equipment
  • Never Again Purchase More Energy Than Required
  • Meets Or Exceeds US Department of Energy (DOE) Standards

How It Works

Net Zero USA will analyze your current, and, like a doctor, diagnose the problem followed by prescribing the remedy with Harmonic Filtration. Part of our monitoring and testing is to isolate the harmonics in your system. Once accomplished, the remedy is then placed on the ‘remedy board’ to be presented along with recommendations from other disciplines within our organization.

Harmonic Filtration energy management systems are cost effective with payback periods of less than 36 months in most cases.

These improvements can reduce your electrical bill anywhere from 10 to 25% depending on the application. Consider the lifetime savings (avoided replacement cost) on your machinery and the payback periods can be even quicker.

All of the industrial energy saving equipment we recommend at Net Zero USA meets or exceeds requirements set forth by but not limited to: NEMA, IEEE 519, UL, CSA, IEEE, ANSI, and US Department of Energy (DOE) standards.

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