Increase Efficiency & Reduce Overhead

Our system is a unique approach to energy savings and power quality improvement. It is an inductive reactor that works to lower the total inductive profile of a facility. It consists of magnetic chokes which act as a 60 HZ Band Pass filter that continuously and automatically increase savings in several key ways:

  • Reduce kW Demand
  • Reduce kWh
  • Reduces Line Current from the point of connection to source
  • Helps maintain constant voltage and balance voltage
  • Continuously and automatically improves power factor
  • Improved Power Quality- better balanced voltage and amperage and reduced harmonics
  • Protection against spikes and surges (including lightning)- ETL rated 20,000 amps Type 2 SPD
  • Lightning protection
  • Surge protection
  • Extend equipment life

The power quality improvements add to the savings, while avoiding the negative effects of comparable products.

Our system works in conjunction with other energy conservation measures. Industrial environments in particular can benefit from reduced shut downs due to nuisance tripping of breakers caused by poor power quality. The system is easily installed by a licensed electrician.

We can provide a proposal for your facility that details the savings and Return on Investment. After installation POM conducts measurements that comply with the International Protocol for Measurement and Verification (IPMV) and provides a full report on the electrical savings and power quality improvements.

Power Correction At A Glance

  • Guaranteed To Improve The Power Factor Of Your Facility
  • Reduce Costs By Eliminating Inefficiencies & Conserving Energy
  • Pays For Itself In 1 – 3 Years With Incentives & Utility Savings
  • Average Service Life Is 15 Years
  • Fewer Breakdowns Of Electrical Equipment
  • Protect The Environment By Reducing CO2 Emissions
  • Compliance With The Most Rigorous Local, State, Federal, & International Standards

How It Works

Power Factor is the ratio of active power (kW) to apparent power (kVA), or the cosine that represents the phase angle between current and voltage waveforms. The difference in the two is called reactive power (kVAr), which is wasteful and expensive.

Power Factor Correction solutions reduce the demand of non-productive power currents without creating a load and using resonance free devices.

Active power (watts) produces real work; this is the energy transfer component (think of electricity-to-motor rpm). Apparent power is the total power that the power company supplies. Reactive power is the power required to produce the magnetic fields (lost power) to enable the real work to be done. Reactive power decreases the level of actual power used by machinery.

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